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Build Competition Results

Preston a posted Sep 22, 16

Hello everyone!

  Before we announce the winners of this competition, I would like to take a moment and thank all the players who participated in the event. We had a significant amount of submissions and it was clear to us that time, effort and dedication went into each and every build. Most of the builds we saw were spectacular, and I hope that everyone decides to participate in our next competition. The next build competition details will be posted soon so please stay tuned!

1st Place ($30 Store Credit): jtyler17

2nd Place $20 Store Credit): __Toasty

3rd Place ($10 Store Credit): Sheekie

  Congratulations to all three winners and thank you to everyone who participated! If you are one of the three winners above please send a private message (PM) to Preston or Four_Down to claim your prize. You can also send an email to our support team to claim your prize by emailing Stay tuned for the next build competition coming soon!

Thanks for playing,

- Preston (Owner of Pure Realms)

- Special thanks to the Freebuild Staff Team

alessio2010 The first guy cheated everyone... He copied builds from online.. Here is proof of the townhall
2jones3 is the in store credit only to FB or to all servers
kippbros2 Nice builds

Hello Pure Realms!

I am very pleased to be announcing the 6th Survival map - the launch of Pure Realms Survival 6.0!

Pure Realms Survival 6.0 has been under intense construction the past few weeks now. We have added, tweaked and changed a large amount of things, whilst still maintaining the classic Survival environment, with one of the focuses being a renewal of our extremely popular 1.0 release; making this release very exciting and fun for you guys to play around in. 

Several of the changes will provide better gameplay features for the vast amount of playing styles there are – It does not matter whether you play alone or with friends, PVP or build houses, roam or settle down: You are guaranteed to have a great time on our newest constellation of PR Survival.

Most of you have already noticed my return to the staff team at my former Operator position, but also as Survival’s manager - The development of Survival in general, and the content within it will be what I'm in the lead of. You can therefore expect many new features added over the course of the upcoming weeks and months. Varying from new arenas and secret places around the map, to events and competitions, and even completely new features and donor perks.

On a second note: Preston, Four_Down, FatherSouth, Ralf and I would like to reassure everyone, that we're continuously and actively working on fixing bugs and updates throughout all the servers on the network. We will keep you updated with the progress as things roll along.

Enough introduction and preperation, here you have a full changelog of the new Survival update, as well as noticeable features coming very soon:

New Spawn

You'll be spawning at a completely new spawn, created by our former OP NoSkillzBruh and I.

New PVP Arena

Our main PVP arena, inspired by our 1.0 arena.

20k World Border

Tons of room for exploration and base building.

New Market

A new market, consisting of sell signs only.

VIP Lounge - Coming Soon

Coming your way, a new and improved VIP Lounge.

Event Arena - Coming Soon

For events focused on battles, a brand new arena will soon be ready.

Increase in RP Claim Limit

Donators now have a 5k increase in RP limit per rank.

New PVP Town

New open PVP arena located in the wild, suitable for larger battles.

Secrets - Coming Soon

Secrets placed around the map will be added on a weekly basis.

No End or Nether Exit

One of our larger changes is the removal of the nether and end exits. You now have to find the protected end portal, and create your own nether portal.

That sums up the major changes and additions, you can experience the rest in-game! 

Release Date and time coming soon!

On behalf of the Owners, OPs and myself: Thanks alot for playing, we all hope you'll enjoy the new update, and those to come. Have fun!

- Pure Realms Staff Team

treedemolisher123 I am still a noob at Survival, but I am excited for the new reset! I already have a few plans. :)
~Reddit Cant wait to restart building on the map!!! Hopefully no one goes around trapping portals XD The new update will be LIT
dracometeorite Sounds great!

two sexy dudes

Hello Pure Realms!

It's my pleasure to announce what some of you already know - that Four_Down and I are returning as active developers on the Pure Realms Network.  Both of us will be handling the day-to-day technical operation of the servers, as well as decisions about features and gameplay on individual servers.  In addition, I will be concentrating on plugin development and Four_Down will be concentrating on staff and community.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are both reachable by PM, and we will be reading the forums religiously.  Look forward to some changes in the coming weeks!  We will do our best to keep you all in-the-loop with news posts, so if you aren't subscribed, you should!


FatherSouth and Four_Down

Occassius Welcome back, FatherSouth! :d
2jones3 how should we advertise to get more people to join the server, we have a kinda small community, one of my friends is a y...
Skullblaze56 Pfft father, just a month ago I asked you if you'd come back and you were like "nah fuck you guys never wo...

PvP Suggestions Thread

Ivo posted Aug 20, 16

Hi Everyone!

I have made a suggestions thread to hear all of the suggestions that you guys have for 11.0.

Please check it out and reply with what you want to be changed, removed, or added to 11.0. We want to make 11.0 a reset that all players will enjoy - the best reset ever.

Here is the thread:

2jones3 huge thanks for the dark background behind the words!
2jones3 one more thing, with the blue sky background of the lobby and the blue lettering it can get very hard to see, the accoun...
2jones3 i have a suggestion to add, What if we made it so that like mine chat the game chat is also on the website like bottom l...

Hi everyone from freebuild!

The freebuild server will be hosting another building competition! Every competition will be based on a theme. We will be holding these competitions every month, and the winners of the competitions will receive:

- In store credit for the freebuild store

- Have their build featured around spawn

This competition's theme is: Castle/Medieval

ImJaan K good luck everyone! NO WAY I will win but if I can't imagine cheering for Mergual. :)
2jones3 hello, i was just wondering, for some terraining i dont want to spend weeks on making it look perfect and wanted to know...
cykostevie Im doing this one but mine sucks
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