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Pure Realms PVP: A New Era

Ralf a posted Thu at 16:25

    We are pleased to announce the release of the 10th map of Pure Realms PVP. Park, Ivo, Preston, and I have been working in secret for over a month to bring you the best possible factions server we can make. It will include a numerous amount of new features to bring you. On Monday, August 1 @ 3PM EST, Pure Realms Factions will start a new era.

Custom Enchants

We are including custom enchants into the update. We spent hours to ensure that they will not be over powered against other players in combat. In order to add custom enchantments to items, you must obtain the primary ingredient called crafting dust. It can be obtained from voting and legendary crates. You also need emerald blocks, which will be rare this map.


Exploration is an important part to a factions server from looking for a base to raid to making a base. To increase the value of exploration, we have added a custom terrain generator. We generated a world that includes new biomes with a mix of vanilla biomes.

Mob Arena

The mob arena will be a new essential part of the new map. It will not consist of PVP, but is a chance for people to get upgrades to their armory. It will consist of waves of mobs that you will fend off with other members of the server. Mob arena will be held once a week, and is a time for the player to cooperate with the other players of the server in a fun, exciting experience.

Banishing World

When we began to plan out this reset we wanted to bring everyone a completely new overall experience. This is when we came up with a completely new idea, that no other server has ever done before. We introduce to you, The Banishing World. Rather than kicking players off of the server temporarily when they violate a minor server rule they will now be banished instead. When a player is banished they will be sent to the Toxic Wasteland (as seen below). Banished players will be able to mine and build as they please, but market [Sell] prices in this world are reduced significantly. You must also be careful of the intense radiation of the sun during the daytime. Banished players will not be able to associate with players in the other worlds, but they can speak in local chat in the Toxic Wasteland. Players will not be able to leave this world until their banishment time has expired.

1.7.10 Version Connections

That's right! After reading popular demands for this particular Minecraft version, our developers have allowed the server to be connected through 1.7.10 clients! 1.7.10, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 clients will be able to connect. 


  • Removed lava flow
  • New formatted chat
  • Added king of the hill
  • Increased rarity of creeper eggs
  • Increased rarity of super golden apples
  • Increased rarity of legendary armor
  • Removed mcmmo experience from spawners
  • Fixed TNT cannons, they work like 1.7 ones now
  • Sand cannons are fixed, but beware: the timing must be perfect for them to work
  • Added mob arena
  • Added building in the end
  • Added health bar below names
  • Added disarming (Unarmed mcMMO ability)
  • Ancreased taming max to 1000
  • Added flat bedrock
  • Added auction house. Use /ah to get started.
  • Disabled virtual chest access in combat
  • Logging off in enemy territory will teleport you to spawn after 10 minutes
  • Added banishing world
  • Added Overlord rank (
  • Added 1.7.10 connections
  • 8,500 border
  • Fixed /ch g & /f c p. 
  • Removed /ch faction and /ch allies.
  • Fixed /ch truce or /ch t

As always, thank you for playing on Pure Realms PvP! We hope to see you on August 1 at 3 PM EST.
If you have any questions, feel free to message us on the forums or in-game :)

Ralf, Preston, Ivo, & Park.


dwgr8ergolfer I love the banished idea
FireDragon229 Vape arena LOL
spartan1500 No, just no


Ralf a posted Mon at 21:13

Park a bum bum bum. a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man, runnin the stand- HEY got any grapes?
BlindingLights feed the beast?



There are two modes:

Overpowered Mode

Overpowered mode consists of a game comprised of 18 players, who each battle it out to the death, using exploding arrows, flame throwers, and custom enchanted items! The game consists of pre-built maps, of which we will continue to add as time progresses!

Classic Mode

Classic mode is the classic hunger games style match. A randomly generated world is formed, where players have 10 minutes to mine and gather resources. After the time is up, the world starts to shrink, and players battle it out until the end!

Leveling up and Kits

Levels and kits are a large part of the server. By killing players, you obtain points, which increase your level over time. As you rank up, you unlock more kits that can be purchased in the lobby shop! You can also donate to recieve some exclusive kits right away, without having to rank up and purchase them with in game money.

We hope to see you all there for launch! Thank you for playing :)

masternoobie1 dang you guys are so excited for this!!! I hope this will be fun because this is probably going to be the first time ill...
Ten Can't wait, hope it will attract new people!
JumpinJew So excited. Glad to wait for this launch!

JumpinJew -> Guard
henrymonroe11 -> Guard
JanelleMarie -> Guard
CocoaMarshmellow -> Guard

SteelMerlin -> Warden
JW_Productions -> Warden

New staff will need to contact me via PM or Skype ASAP to get you on your way!

Thank you to all Staff for their hard work, and to those players who are continuing to help out every day.

If you haven't been chosen for staff this time around, don't be mad or upset just keep working for it!

Prison Administration

HeyImJello Great Job Once They Waited A YEAR to respond lol
❤️Gewiter❤️ Gj JanelleMarie!!!

Survival Games Event!

Hello everyone!

The Survival server will be hosting a Survival Games event on July 15th at 6:30 PM EST. Everyone is welcome to join! There will be 2 events. One for Solo survival games and one for Team survival games. 

The map will be Breeze Island 2. There are only 24 available spots, so first come first serve. The players who will be participating in the event will be posted today as well as the rules. 

Solo Survival Games will start off the event. There will only be 1 winner. If you are seen teaming with other players you will be disqualified. The winner of the solo event will receive 50k in-game cash & legendary armor on the Survival server only and $10 in store credit on any server! 

Team Survival Games will follow right after. Each team is only allowed to have a max of 2 players. There are a total of 12 teams. Each team will be given a dyed lether helmet. The winning team will be each given $10 in store credit on any server!

Sign ups for the event will close on Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST! Do NOT sign up if you know you will not be there! Fill in this form to enter: 

See you there!

SteelMerlin❤ o Super Admin likes Survival Games!
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