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FatherSouth a
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posted Sun at 21:45
Hello Pure Realms,

I am happy to announce a new recurring event for PRPVP, called SuperDragon.

The SuperDragon
Every 2-3 days, a SuperDragon will spawn in The End.  The dragon will be extremely tough, will shoot fire, and will probably 2-hit kill most of you.  Bring lots of regeneration and instant-health potions.

The SuperDragon will drop unique armor.  This loot will not be attainable any other way.  Each piece of armor will give the wearer a permanent potion effect, and will also look pretty cool.

The SuperDragon also drops 3x the XP of a normal dragon.

Looking Sexy in SuperDragon Armor

Fighting the SuperDragon

This plugin will be added tomorrow, and the first SuperDragon will spawn a random amount of time after that.

I hope you enjoy it!


Will pvp be enable during the super dragon event?
creeperman9447 how do i fight the super dragon
ch33tahGrl I need to know when my Iron Rank will let me do "/kit iron". It wont let me and I purchased it last Wednesday. ...

Pure Realms PvP 5.0!

FatherSouth a
FatherSouth @ PURE REALMS - PVP -...
posted Oct 25, 14

Hello Again Pure Realms!

As you may know, Pure Realms PVP 5.0 is launching in an hour!

Here's a partial list of the changes we've made:

  • Offline raiding prevention removed.
  • Chests can only be opened by faction members in claimed land.
  • Lockpicks can be used to open any chest anywhere.
  • Allied/Truced/Neutral factions may not claim next to each other.
  • Alts are not allowed in factions.
  • Skylimit lowered to 254, to prevent glitching
  • Brought back insulting death messages
  • Worldborder set to 10,000
  • McMMO rebalanced
  • Voting Rewards Changed
  • Crafting of Enderchests Disabled (Can be purchased in-game at /warp market)
  • New Spawn!
  • New Market!
  • A Familiar PvP Arena and Warp Town!
  • A 1.8 generated map! (Server still allows 1.7 clients)
  • Removal of NoMansLand
  • Smaller exits
  • Increased enderpearl cooldown
  • Decreased golden apple cooldown
  • Kits disabled for the first week

And more changes and events to come in the following weeks!

The OPs and Owners of Pure Realms
danielpwns3226 plz shorten enderpearl cooldown
psychonusa yo moddies/admins when is the prison restart? and where am i on the donor list, even though ive donated over 300 on me a ...
PolarTides XD if the world border was 100k there would be little to 0 raids.

PVP Reset

Four_Down a posted Oct 24, 14
Hello Again, Pure Realms players!

As we mentioned in our last post, we are resetting/updating one or two servers every week for the month of October!  PVP will be resetting tomorrow around 5 pm EDT.

We will have more information on changes for you soon.

Please make any last minute suggestions you have here.

Just as a side note, PVP rank upgrades are currently 20% off.

Have fun!
- The OPs and Owners of Pure Realms
Open Hearts (Ggio) so when is prison resetting?
andrebeastly1 Would be sweet i could get unbanned before so i can have a good start ...
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Updating or resetting...?
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