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After many months of waiting, we thought that the players of Pure Realms PvP required a reset that was one of the best yet seen. That is why we have added many additional features (as well as fixed many things) that I think a lot of you will enjoy! We have included many feature additions in this update, so I will list them as major changes, seperated by the additional minor changes we have made.

Major Additions and Updates:

Brand new builds: Brand new spawn, PvP town, shop (inside spawn!), exits, outpost, and parkour.

New scoreboard with kill/death tracking: Redesigned scoreboard that tracks your kills and deaths, as well as a pre-calculated kill ratio. 

Scoreboard combat indicator: We've made the scoreboard show the health of you and your opponent during PvP.

Auction fixes: Actions have been changed to stop auction scamming. You can now hover over the item being auctioned to view its details.

Supply crates: Supply crates are crates that drop from the sky in random places around the world! They contain some pretty sweet prizes. They drop every 6 hours. (use /warp crates to find out how much time they are dropping in!)

Duels are back!: If you are killed by a player, you will be given a message that you can click, which will let you challenge your killer to a duel (a best of 3). You can also duel players at any time by using /1vs1 duel [player]. Great for relieving that anger or settling bets!

Top leaderboard: Top leaderboard for kills, deaths, K/D, and streak (/warp leaderboard). NOTE: Killing your alts to gain stats will result in a permanent ban!

End building disabled: After thinking hard about this one, the staff team thought that disabling building in the end would be the best decision to combat bases that are very hard to find in the end. The end will be used for PvP, super dragon killing, and collecting enderpearls. Build your bases in the overworld!!!

No more spawn lag: The map used in the previous version (8.0) was incredibly laggy, so we've optimized this spawn to make sure that everyone can play at a solid FPS.

Additional changes:

- Limit for voting crates set to 10 (to stop hoarding of keys).

- Disabled rain.

- Decreased hunger damage and slightly reduced mob spawning rates.

- World border is 10,000x10,000.

- Nether border is 1500x1500. Faction claiming is disabled in the nether.

- Faction limit is now 20 players.

- Kits are disabled for the first week (one use only).

- Some legendary rewards have been changed and fine tuned.

- Legendary keys are disabled for the first week.

- McMMO experience, ender chests, map, /chest, factions, inventories, homes, and balances have all been reset. Items bought in the last 2 months can be reclaimed.

- Treasure announcements made way less annoying (we will do this for the other servers soon as well).

New rules:

1. Using alts to fill your faction will now get you banned.

2. Killing alts to increase your K/D, kills, or any other statistic will get you banned.

3. The in-game chat and forum rules have been updated. The use of explicit language to engage in an argument with another player or using offensive/explicit language to harass another player will now result in a temporary mute or a ban. This goes for both the website forums and in-game chat. If you break this rule on the website you will be completely banned from accessing the forums for 3 days. We will now be strictly enforcing this rule as the language on the server and forums has gotten out of hand. Minecraft is a game for EVERYONE to enjoy. By creating a better player friendly environment more people will be able to enjoy it. Please be respectful to others.

New staff:

The following staff have been promoted on PvP, effective immediately:

PreSchool --> Moderator

falling_shadows --> Moderator

catfart --> Helper

PreSchool One to remember...
HailStormz funny thing is i built the enchant area and I cant even get unbanned to see it
High_On_Fiber un ban me ivo my IGN is High_On_Fiber

Parital ban clearance before reset!

Ivo aDev posted Thu at 1:15

Hi everyone,

We will be unbanning anyone who is currently temporarily banned for the reset!

Message me if you are temporarily banned, and you will be unbanned right before the reset. As well, the unban pass for PvP is now 50% off for a limited time! This is your chance to get unbanned!

Reminder that PvP 9.0 will be releasing on Friday. See you there!

High_On_Fiber ivo unban me please
MAX_fman Yo Man Unban me
can i be unbanned now?

PvP 9.0! Out on April 29th!

Ivo aDev posted Mon at 21:31

PvP 9.0 will be releasing on Friday, April 29th at aproximately 5PM EST!

For this reset, we have used an entirely  new spawn (which is one of the best yet) and added A LOT of new features to look forward to. I have added some polls on the right side of the website to complete, please fill them in! They will be considered right now for the reset!

I will be posting a full change log just prior to release.

See you there!

Jeffrey Ivo I was banned for "telling people to kill themselves." I'm sorry and I will never do it again....
ToxicGodZ Damn can wait, I can be the most powerful fac > Champions will take over PRPVP 9.0 Hail Champions
xPvPLeo hmm if the reset is good enough ill come back 100%.
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