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New Lobby Updates!

Ivo aDev
Zvonimir @ PURE REALMS - HUB - MIN...
posted 13 hours ago

People of Pure Realms, Hello!

Right above, as you can see, the server now has a new hub map! This update comes with a few more minor additions:

- NPCs to join servers

- Check your ping (/ping)

- /hub command is now /lobby

I will be making some new changes to the servers soon, as well as the addition of some more seeeecret things.

So look out! ;) 

Other than that, I will be updating you guys on the new changes and things that are coming soon.

New things are coming - look out!

KingJekee Looks 10/10 damn...
sweney @ PURE REALMS - SURVIVAL - ...
It looks amazing goodjob
PreSchool Park is nice wid itttt....

Survival Issues

DaNoobiest o posted Fri at 0:29

Hello everyone,

We had a small problem with our protection system as some of you may have noticed before the server went down. All players were removed from their own RP. Fortunately no RPs were lost. We tried many things to fix this but unfortunately we were not able to add all the players back to their own RP. We will have to do it all manually. 

When you log onto the server, go directly to your RP(s). When you're there, we ask that you send a /modreq just quickly saying that you would like access to your RP again.


/modreq Please add me back to my RP.

Once we receive your mod request, we will add you back to your RP as soon as possible! Make sure that you are at your RP when doing this!

In compensation for everyone waiting this long, we have given everyone $10,000 in-game cash.

~ PR Survival Staff Team

Avrixityyy I thought this issue would've been fixed the past 3 times this has happened? .-.
Braulutus Ok, that's bad Noskie, hope u fix it
_ExplicitHD_ @ PURE REALMS - SURVI...
Thanks Noskie! Should staff do a modreq to or shall we just msg in the staff chat?

Freebuild Building Competition!

Ivo aDev
Zvonimir @ PURE REALMS - HUB - MIN...
posted Sun at 18:31

Hi everyone from freebuild!

The freebuild server will be hosting building competitions! Every competition will be based on a theme. We will be holding these competitions every month, and the winners of the competitions will receive:

- In store credit for the freebuild store

- Have their build featured around spawn

TheGeek Is worldedit allowed?
SageShrekpai @ PURE REALMS - SURVI...
Can I do pixel art?
Park Kriscos, team with me.
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