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Hello everyone!

 It has been a little while since our last update so I just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on lately. We have run into a few issues with the voting crates so I am now looking for an alternative to temporarily replace that. On the other hand, Ralf and I have been working on some other things that may be a cool addition for PVP and Survival. We are still in the beta stages of testing it, but we'll hopefully be able to add it in soon (it's a surprise). I understand that raiding has been a concern for most players on PVP so we're also looking into some things to increase raiding on the server. I'll put up a poll after posting this to see what you guys think about it. Additionally we have made a couple small changes to a few plugins for increased server stability.

Skyblock Reset

 This past week we have been working on the next revision of the Skyblock server and today it is nearing completion. We plan on resetting the server in several hours from this post. All islands, money balances and player market plots have been cleared so everyone is able to have a fresh start. We haven't added many new features yet, but I would love to hear what you (the players) would like to see in the next skyblock update! If you have any suggestions or ideas please don't hesitate to message me right here on the website or create a thread on the forums. I hope to see you all there tonight!

Thanks for playing!
- Preston (Owner of Pure Realms)

red_dr4gon1 @ PURE REALMS - SKYBLO...
Give us out spawners back on skyblock
Paandah Pls skywars reset or I'll cri
FloppyDisc Coolio ...

Hello everyone!

  In this post I will be announcing the new staff members that we have selected for some of the servers. This is just a small update that will be adding new helpers and moderators to the servers. Promotions to the current staff team will be included in the update next week. I will also be talking about some of the new stuff we have planned for the PVP server as well as this week's new poll. 

Staff Promotions


net56687 --> Helper

JrodJaguar --> Helper

Max_FMAN --> Helper

Coolboytroy --> Helper


iiKarma --> Moderator


Jaikster --> Moderator


bkykong --> Guard

JanellenTy --> Guard

  Congratulations to all of the newly promoted staff members! Please send me a private message right here on the website with your skype name and we will get your rank set up. Thank you to everyone who has applied. 

PVP Server Updates

  Next up we have a few updates for the PVP server. We are putting some finishing touches on the voting crates so I hope to have those added within the next couple of days. We will also be adding a mystery crate which will randomly give you rare items (diamond blocks, god swords, ghast eggs, beacons, etc..) and those crates will be available in the online store. I have also put up the next poll for everyone to vote on. This week we would like to know if we should disable Deadbolt (the plugin that allows Slayer+ to lock chests) TEMPORARILY until we can figure out how to balance raiding and make it more popular on the server. So please cast your vote above to share your opinion on the matter. 

Thanks for playing! 

-Preston (Owner of Pure Realms)

oliidp cool ...
FALLOUT Awesome but I wish I was 1 The New helpers.... but good luck to you all
SharkPvP gg Preston unban meh Congrats to all staff!

Hello everyone!

 I am pleased to see that most of you are enjoying the latest development of Pure Realms PvP. There are still a couple issues we are working out, but for the most part things have been running smoothly. In this post I will be mentioning some of the new features we have planned for everyone in the upcoming weeks. I will also be introducing our two new staff members along with some information about the next staff update. Along with that, rank upgrades are now on sale for a limited time only.

Upcoming Features

 This week we had a great number of players vote on the poll for selecting the next new feature for the factions server. More than half of the players have voted for adding voting crates as an additional voting reward. Therefore we will begin to set the plugin up and it will begin developmental testing tomorrow and it will be added to the server as soon as possible. Voting crates will most likely contain a random variety of items with of course some rare stuff thrown in there. The runner up to voting crates was to add PvP villages and other structures to the landscape near the Outpost (A.k.a. /warp exit). I have already added two structures and I plan on adding a bunch more within the upcoming week. A few of the builds that I will be adding are from the previous map (the blimp is back!) and the others will be custom built by a few of our own fellow players. 

Staff Updates

 To start off the new map we decided to only promote two new staff members. A lot of players went inactive so when I went through the applications I wasn't able to figure out which players still played and which didn't. So because of that I took some suggestions from our current staff team to make a proper decision. I have also gone through the new applications of the players who re-applied and the candidates for the next staff update have already been selected. Many of you have probably seen them in-game already, but here are the new helpers for Pure Realms PvP:

xAli12x --> Helper

VoteForJesus --> Helper

Congratulations to the both of you!

The next staff update will be included in the next news post (About a week from today).

Thanks for playing! :)

-Preston (Owner of Pure Realms)

I need to report a issue im having how do i?
FloppyDisc Congrats on new staff! Cant wait to see you all in about a week!
Moazy123 Congratz New Staff. Welcome to the PR staff!
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