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Prison 2.0

FatherSouth a posted Feb 14, 15

PR Prison Spawn

Hello Everyone!  It's time to launch another new, improved server!  Pure Realms Prison 2.0 will be launching TOMORROW at NOON eastern time (about 16 hours and 30 minutes from now).

Prison 2.0 will be a full reset, including money, cell-block ranks (not donator ranks!), cells, /chests, homes, etc.  It will also include a host of new features, including:

  • Amazing New Prison
  • 6 Cell Blocks
  • Tougher Guards
  • Gangs!
  • More Cells
  • More Free-World Content
  • Re-balanced economy
  • And More!

We all hope to see you for the launch tomorrow!

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Skyblock 4.0

FatherSouth a posted Feb 6, 15

Skyblock Spawn

We're happy to announce the launch of Skyblock 4.0 at 7:00pm eastern TONIGHT (a little under 3.5 hours from this post).


Skyblock 4.0 will feature new challenges, an improved skyblock plugin, all new server builds, and island warps.  Skyblock 4.0 will also be a complete reset of the server - Money, /chests, challenges, islands, etc will all be reset.  The only thing NOT being reset is player ranks and purchased items.  The new setup will also allow us the freedom to make future modifications without resetting the server.


We hope to see you all tonight!


- FatherSouth

Boppy89 I have been playing this for a bit, and jsut got scammed today. I gave the person four obsidian, but Instead of giving m ...
fuelremix whats the direct connect address for skyblock?
MyDickHurts Not sure if its me but when i join skywars its still 3.0? I do /skywars. Is there a different server i need to go on?


This is an update on the Survival and Skyblock servers.  Due to a bug, malicious users were able to write large amounts of data to the Skyblock database.  This quickly filled up the database server that Skyblock and Survival both share, which caused loss of data.

Here is the plan for the two servers:

SURVIVAL will be relaunching TONIGHT.  Everything has been brought back up to speed, except for RPs.  Old RPs are currently unprotected, you will have to re-make your RP to re-claim your land.  Claiming or griefing someone else's land in the next month will be a permanent ban.

SKYBLOCK 4.0 will be launching FRIDAY.  Skyblock had sustained a bit more damage.  By necessity, we will be doing a full reset for Skyblock 4.0, with many more features, and it will be much more stable.  Skyblock 4.0 will be launching FRIDAY, and there will be more info to come.


We are very sorry for the issues that this has caused.

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NinjaNiko05 On skyblock i bought 30 diamonds and when i got on i waited and i got my diamonds but my enventory was full. So i didnt ...
GloomHC how do we report someone who griefed and signclaim on our land?
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