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Top Voters!

Four_Down a posted May 2, 15

Hello everyone!

A new month has begun and as usual, the votes on the Minecraft top sites have been reset. You can help support the server by voting on each of the websites on the voting page (www.pure-realms.com/vote) and in return you will receive awesome rewards! If you vote every day you could become one of our top voters and each of our top voters receive a FREE RANK UPGRADE!
The top voters for the month of April are:
1st Place -  FishOnDaRun  (148 votes)
2nd Place -  Erickr258  (145 votes)
3rd Place -  cxed  (140 votes) 
Thank you to all of our top voters! You will receive a message shortly containing information on upgrading your ranks. 
Anyone can become a top voter, all you have to do is take 5 minutes (or less) each day to vote for the server on each of the top sites (www.pure-realms.com/vote). Voting for the server gives you awesome rewards on ALL of our servers including in-game money, diamonds and WorldEdit!

Thank you to everyone who has voted!
- Four

NoD_ Congrats to everyone!
Ctwal12 Something is wrong with the votes, several people have over 150 votes, cxed has 140.
nateboy007 Wait a second why is it showing them as the top voters when clearly i had more votes in april. I had over 150.

Skyblock Mini Update

FatherSouth a posted Apr 28, 15

Skyblock Mini Update

We've just made a small update to skyblock, I thought I'd let everyone know about the new features!  We've made the following changes:

1.  Cactus farmer challenge returns (gives sand)!

2.  The "angler" challenge now gives prismarine shards and crystals.

3.  You can review chest shop trades that occurred when you were offline.

4.  Break and place your own spawners in the island world!

5.  Other minor bug fixes!


- FatherSouth

NinjaNiko05 THX now we cant break spawners and we can get sand!!! ...
BlindingLights @ PURE REALMS - SKY...
cool, wasn't there a direct url to get to sky block? where did it go?
Ctwal12 Go back to having sand as really rare :/

PvP 6 Update 1

FatherSouth a posted Apr 26, 15

PvP 6 Update 1

We've made some changes to PvP to improve gameplay.  They are as follows:

1.  You slowly take damage from being on top of nether.

2.  Anti-Loot Stealing returns.
    - your faction can pick up your loot.
    - add friends who can pick up your loot. (/looter add)

3. Fix Glitches.
    - added anti-vclip.
    - fixed dupe glitch.

4.  Added more autoclick/aura checks for mods/admins to utilize.

5.  Combattag Returns!

6.  Auctions Return!

7.  Locked chests again automatically break when the land is overclaimed.

8.  TNT Changes
    - TNT moves in water.
    - Fired TNT no longer drifts southeast.

9.  Misc. lag fixes.

10.  Teleport Changes
    - The warmup for /tpa happens on the front-end  (e.g. it takes 6 seconds for the teleport request to reach the subject, but when the subject types /tpyes, it is instant)
    - This should help prevent glitching into unreachable areas.

11.  McMMO double drops (herbalism, mining, and woodcutting) return!

Update 2 Coming Soon!

zachanator10 Banned so raiding is still pretty much broken
Kat__Man 10/10 but still can we blow up chests? And also please bring back lockpicking
Mrs_Jones Will 10+ clicks per second trigger the auto click detector because thats how many I can and do click when I pvp
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