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Hello everyone!

Server Sales

  All ranks, kits, and extras are now on sale across ALL servers! For this weekend only you will be able to get up to 30% off all items in the online store. Kits and extras are buy one get one half off (OCTOBER SPECIAL). Upon purchasing a kit or extra you will receive a 50% off coupon to use on another kit or extra! The sale ends Sunday (tomorrow) at 11:59PM (EST). 

 It is finally time for the last man standing PVP event! The event will be held at 4:00 PM (EST - A little less than 3 hours from this post) and below you will be able to find all of the rules and regulations that all players participiating must abide to.

Winners of the Last Man Standing Event:

First Place - Iminer309

Second Place - ctwal12

Third Place - Angryyyy

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!

Rules and Regulations (Faction Wars Event) - Begins at 5:00 PM (EST)

  • Dragon armor is NOT allowed
  • Once you enter the arena, you are not permitted to leave the area or log out
  • Access to some commands will be blocked within the arena (/chest, /tpa, etc..)
  • Maximum of 5 players per faction
  • All server rules apply during the event (No glitching, logging, hacking, etc..)

The last faction with players alive will win $100,000 in-game money (per player)

Winning Faction: Mafia

Thanks for playing!

-Preston [Owner of Pure Realms]

DiamondHunter1j o I bought the Demon Kit, but didn't ever receive the coupon... help... thanks!
RainbowKatzchen @ PURE REALMS - SK...
How do i get the coupon???? I bought wood rank for someone but didnt recieve the coupon
FloppehDisc Sale ftw ...

Top Voters!

Preston a posted Thu at 22:25

Hello everyone!

A new month has begun and as usual, the votes on the Minecraft top sites have been reset. You can help support the server by voting on each of the websites on the voting page ( and in return you will receive awesome rewards! If you vote every day you could become one of our top voters and each of our top voters receive a FREE RANK UPGRADE!
The top voters for the month of September are:
1st Place -  FloydPink1  (150 votes)
2nd Place -  Fappysode  (144 votes)
3rd Place -  bkykong  (142 votes) 
Thank you to all of our top voters! You will receive a message shortly containing information on upgrading your ranks. 
Anyone can become a top voter, all you have to do is take 5 minutes (or less) each day to vote for the server on each of the top sites ( Voting for the server gives you awesome rewards on ALL of our servers including in-game money, diamonds and WorldEdit!

Thank you to everyone who has voted!
-Preston [Owner of Pure Realms]

Companies o Thanks to all who contributed to Pure Realms' votes this month! Congratulations.
SteelMerlin c: Congrats voters, nice to finally see voting back It's amazing how people can vote for prizes ...
FloppehDisc Congratz to the top voters ...

Faction Updates & More!

Preston a posted Tue at 21:01

Hello everyone!

 The past few days we have made a variety of changes on the Factions server as well as some bug fixes on Survival and Skyblock. In this post I will be revealing these changes for everyone as well as introducing two new staff members that have joined the Pure Realms team. In addtion to that we have now resolved the connection issues that everyone has been experiencing. 

 For the Factions server we have added some features that effect gameplay. For starters we have added CombatTag back and we have removed the dueling system. The flamethrower from the flame kit is currently being worked on and will be fixed within the next couple of days. We decided against adding lockpicks to the server since it is late in the map and the bases of most players are not designed to defend against that. Instead we will be making it so locked chests can be blown up by TNT. This feature will be implemented on the server tomorrow. 

 We will be hosting the Last Man Standing event on October 3rd, this saturday. Prior to the event I will announce the exact time along with the rules and regulations for it. We have an outstanding arena prepared for the event which was built by our very own admin, OldGaf.

 I am more than happy to welcome back FatherSouth to our development team, as well as our new developer Jjacobson. They will be helping us to improve all of the servers and increase your gaming experience here at Pure Realms. Please be sure to greet them with a warm welcome if you see them on the servers. 

Thanks for playing! :)

-Preston [Owner of Pure Realms]

SteelMerlin c: Prison soon? And congrats FatherSouth, and Jj Hope to see you both in game! ...
TastyFrenchFries @ PURE REALMS - ...
Can you remove the money exchange for /trade? I think it's kind of useless when there's /auction already.
Burrito o Creeper eggs are still not able to blow up locked chests right?
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