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PvP Suggestions Thread

Ivo posted Aug 20, 16

Hi Everyone!

I have made a suggestions thread to hear all of the suggestions that you guys have for 11.0.

Please check it out and reply with what you want to be changed, removed, or added to 11.0. We want to make 11.0 a reset that all players will enjoy - the best reset ever.

Here is the thread:

Hi everyone from freebuild!

The freebuild server will be hosting another building competition! Every competition will be based on a theme. We will be holding these competitions every month, and the winners of the competitions will receive:

- In store credit for the freebuild store

- Have their build featured around spawn

This competition's theme is: Castle/Medieval

2jones3 hello, i was just wondering, for some terraining i dont want to spend weeks on making it look perfect and wanted to know...
cykostevie Im doing this one but mine sucks
ThisIsGroot Standard regulation plots only right? or can i merge


Out on Friday @ 5PM EST!

An update for all you PvP players! In this major update, we will be reverting some major changes that players didn't like in 10.0, as well as adding some new things for you guys to enjoy. To note, nothing will be reset, only major changes made to the server.

Here is the full changelog:

Spawners: Spawners have been re-added to the shop, and their prices have been dramatically reduced. They can also now be picked up with a normal pickaxe.

McMMO Grinding: McMMO exp can now be obtained from spawners.

Wither Raiding: Wither raiding has been added to the end.

Kits: Kits have been reverted to what they were before the reset (this means gapples are back, etc)

Treasure Chest Changes: The treasure chest has been totally revamped to now include prizes such as full kits, and many more amazing items.

Shop: The in game shop has been totally changed and prices have been reduced across the board.

TNT: TNT prices have been reduced.

Semi-Stackable Potions: Drinkable potions can now be stacked in 4's. Note that throwable potions cannot be stacked.

Stackable Water/Lava Buckets: Lava and water buckets can now be stacked in groups of 16.

Capture Point: The capture point has been re-added to /warp town.

PvP Arena: The old PvP arena has been removed and replaced by a familar one.

New Portals: Some new portals have been added to spawn.

Top Factions (/f top): Factions can now compete to be the best faction. Every friday of the week (based on ranking at 6PM EST every friday), the top three factions will get prizes. The prizes are:

Each member gets:

1. 3 super gapples, $100.000.

2. 2 super gapples, $50,000.

3. 1 super gapple, $25,000.

(Faction richness is based on the number of spawners and hoppers that are present in their territory.)

That's all for now, hope to see you all there for the update!

Panda4Lif3 'Faction richness is based on the number of spawners and hoppers that are present in their territory.' People...
Kingwhetstone soulstealerhd i think that u should play again just dont trap that what made me not like

Skyblock Update! v6.1

Park a posted Aug 14, 16

Hello Skyblock Players!

This is a small-medium sized update that we have done for skyblock to help make the server more enjoyable! We greatly value your opinions and suggestions, so please let a staff member know, so we can consider it and possibly put it into the next skyblock update! The following has been changed on the skyblock server:

+ Re-enabled firespread! Make sure to secure your islands and move any flammable blocks away from fire!

+ Added /weather to ALL players! This command will change your personal weather in-game.

+ Moved restarts to a later time at night.

+ Improved restarts for faster and more accurate countdown/kick responses.

+ Added the lottery! Simply type /lottery in-game to start! Every ticket you purchase, puts more into the jackpot, so you have a better chance at winning it all!

+ Added Auction House. Type /ah in-game to get started.

- Removed the old /auction plugin

+ Added /is teamchat

+ Added mcMMO! All skills are capped at 1000, and repair is completely disabled. Parties are enabled, but will be worked on over the next few days to test and see what works best.

+ Obsidian rank has a 10% boost on all mcmmo skills!

+ Added flower forest to biomes! Check it out with /is biomes.

+ Added ammeter. Check the output strength of red stone wire by right-clicking it with coal!

+ Added the ability to attach leads to witches and spiders!

+ Fixed several small bugs/glitches.

As of right now, this is all that we have for you guys, but keep an eye out for more updates coming shortly with more features! Please make forum posts/suggestion threads if you want to contribute, and as always: report your bugs/glitches @!

Thanks for playing on Pure Realms Skyblock!

Pure Realms Skyblock Team

Cooper1983 @ PURE REALMS - SKYBLOC...
Still no leads on villagers ....
Ten gz

We were surprised by the number of entires for this contest, over 100! To compensate, we included five winners, instead of the normal three. The results are below.

1st Place ($30) - Kirbycraft and Brajan (111;58). Kirbycraft and Brajan's build included epicness, a range of different asthetics, great detailing, and a very appealing architecture.

2nd Place ($20) - Mergual (112;23). Mergual's build was very appealing due to its uniqueness and execution. We enjoyed how much detail was put into the build, and the natural appeal of the build.

3rd Place ($10) - cimutant(9;68). cimutant's build was unique in its dark design, and had a lot of place in a night setting. We enjoyed the grandness of the build for this reason as well.

4th Place ($10) - dracometeorite(-5;-99). dracometeorite's build displayed a classic mansion/estate build, with very appealing staples of design and beauty in the build.

5th Place ($10) - YourTrashLuna(99;-74). YourTrashLuna's build build was asthetically pleasing, with a detail for realism and execution in design.

Winners, please message me to receive your prizes. Your builds will be displayed outside spawn shortly.

We will be holding more building competitions shortly, so people who did not win, don't worry, you still have more chances to win!

kingmanithelord Congratulations!
kitty congrats to the winners of the building competition! your builds were amazing!
dracometeorite @ PURE REALMS - FRE...
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